Jul 9, 2012

Memo From the Mayor

Dear Friends and Residents of Spillmanville,
     We here @ Spillmanville Inc. are enjoying our time during this small vacation period. While on vacation, we have been preparing for a new chapter in our world, regenerated our energies in continuing work on the future graphic novel, "The Fisherman", working on sketches for future paintings, wrapping up the end of a series of paintings, hitting record stores, and as always, drawing our tails off. We appreciate your continuing support and attention, and we promise you we will not keep you in the dark as we move forward. Our little time of vacation is coming to an end soon, and we will be right back on track doing our best to supply you with that thing that only Spillmanville can bring.
Get ready, cause it's a bout to get really busy around here.
Spillmanville has a set of flip flop tans...