Aug 18, 2013

A Message From the Spillmanville Revitalization Committee:

To: Spillmanvillians and associates

Dear friends of Spillmanville,
      We would first like to thank you for all your past support. Second, we would like to ask that you accept our apologies on the long delayed remodeling and revamping of our blog. If you follow the comings and goings of our happy little place through facebook, then you know it has been an ever changing, reconstituting, and overly productive year since the office last wrote.
     The Spillmanville journalism department seemed to have lost their purpose for writing and began to concentrate on other endeavors, but it appears that a long break from the keys has been beneficial to the spirit and necessity to utilize the word. Our resident writer is hard at work trying to organize the thoughts, concerns and undertakings of the events that have unfolded over the course of this long time away from this here blog, and we hope will ease back to the job that is archiving our town, it's characters, those that inspire us, and the those little bits of knowledge that help create us and make us who we are, Spillmanville.  ¡Hasta luego!
Bobby Spillman
Mayor of Spillmanville
Chairman, Spillmanville Vitalization Committee

Dec 31, 2012

New Years Eve Message From the Mayor...

Dear Spillmanvillians,
     2012 was magnificent. We've missed you and look forward to catching up in 2013. Lets. make this a great year, and lets all strive to be better at what we all do. That would make all of us the best at what we do. Cheers to the New Year, and let us all Enjoy!
Spillmanville enjoys the moment when kool and the gang play celebration behind dick clark...

Jul 9, 2012

Memo From the Mayor

Dear Friends and Residents of Spillmanville,
     We here @ Spillmanville Inc. are enjoying our time during this small vacation period. While on vacation, we have been preparing for a new chapter in our world, regenerated our energies in continuing work on the future graphic novel, "The Fisherman", working on sketches for future paintings, wrapping up the end of a series of paintings, hitting record stores, and as always, drawing our tails off. We appreciate your continuing support and attention, and we promise you we will not keep you in the dark as we move forward. Our little time of vacation is coming to an end soon, and we will be right back on track doing our best to supply you with that thing that only Spillmanville can bring.
Get ready, cause it's a bout to get really busy around here.
Spillmanville has a set of flip flop tans...

Jun 27, 2012

Drawing Time

     So, let me just say this about my lovely city of Memphis, it is freaking hot here. I can smell myself cooking like a piece of meat when I'm outside. Lately, I've been getting to the studio in the afternoon after being in a hot kitchen all day, and honestly, the idea of standing in my poorly air conditioned studio and painting in oil has not been on the top of my afterwork agenda. I've been finding myself fairly content to just sit at the drawing table next to my box fan (the drawing room is about 10 degrees cooler due to it's placement above the kitchen in the restaurant underneath me). I feel a bit of a change coming to my work, but I couldn't tell you what that is or means. 
     I'm about to change jobs, again, and I have had a lot of things on my mind. Sometimes, I find that I thin clearer when I let myself throughout the subconscious and just draw anything anywhere. So, I've been playing around with inks, and markers, and watercolor etc. and just letting myself have some fun. My cousin and self proclaimed shop assistant turned Sheriff of Spillmanville has been hanging out with me in the studio for a while now (what a free art education the boy is getting), and I think he has been observing my work habits. He told me last night that he enjoys being the drawing room with me a bit more than when I am in the oil painting studio. He told me that the painting side is bizzness. He told me that is where I make money and try to act all professional with my work. Apparently, he believes that act more like the kid he grew up with when I am drawing. He told me I act more youthful when we are in the drawing room. That would probably make sense, as painting came much later in my life, but I have been an avid draftsman since I could carry a sketchbook everywhere I went. Whatever the case, it is our job as an artist to be honest with ourselves, our mediums, our ideas, and overall with our audience, so do what you do. Just make sure you do it right.
     Lately, I've started drawing on my other cousin's (David Comstock) left over paper paintings. David is profound when he is working on paper, and he turns out a bunch of these, and then he edits them down to the ones that hit his mark. He gave me several of the ones he wasn't into as much. I've always loved drawing on found grounds, so it has been rather fun drawing imagery over someone's abstract paintings.
     This is a sketch for an idea that has been reoccurring in my imagination lately. It is a boat made of pencils with notebook paper sails. I think it speaks of my childhood love of simple materials and the adventures of drawing your own world. This may turn into a piece over the next week. I definitely would like to draw this bigger so that I can get into some details and add a bit more scenery.
Well, that is the Spillmanville world at a current glance. Stay tuned as new opportunities have popped up, and life is about to change for us around here yet again.
Spillmanville loves big husky pencils and bad color markers

Jun 23, 2012

I told you we were working...

Oh my, we are busy, getting busier, and about to take on some new challenges, but hey, tonight is tonight. The night studio in all its glory. Stick around kids, this show only seems to get more interesting, even to me.
Spillmanville enjoys cold frosty beverages with friends.

Jun 2, 2012

Parking Can Be Fun...On A Friday Night

Last night had all the makings of a good Friday Night Gallery Showathon. There were openings scattered all over town. I worked up until time to go out and hit the scene with Melvis, but we never quite made it in anywhere. Memphis is hot during the summer. I don't mean just hot. It's damn near intolerable. We Memphians take advantage of cool days, and last night was one of the most comfortable evenings in sometime. The temperature dropped near 20 degrees over the course of the last two days. Melvis and I just kept on driving until we got to the river. We were trying to find parking in a very unfriendly parking environment, and we finally just decided to find a parking garage and cut the free parking losses. 
The "Parking Can Be Fun" parking garage is famous here. The building has been here forever, and we have all had good and bad times there. We proceeded to the top, as there were no spots left below. When we finally parked we came to a few realizations. 1: This was one of the best views to watch the sunset we had ever stumbled upon. 2: We were glad the cooler was packed with adult beverages. 3: We had cameras. 4: We weren't going anywhere, and 5: this was going to be our entertainment for the night. We had a nice time just utilizing our little $5.00 parking spot just enjoying the views of our little city. I love Memphis, and yes, parking truly can be fun.
the sunset from our spot at the Parking Can Be Fun parking garage

bird condo (yes I was fascinated by this thing and its inhabitants all evening)

ooooooh, mysterious alley

half of the "M" and a beautiful sky above

yes, one more of the bird condo, trust me this will make it into a drawing

So, I would love to tell you that this was the end of the night, however that is not so. For our sakes we will just leave the rest of the night to those that were there to experience it. Love your city and enjoy those beautiful days and nights. Summer, please don't be so mean this year.
Spillmanville has fun just sitting still and doin' some lookin'


Here's a nice piece on Spillmanville from the Ivybetty site. Thanks again for the Kind words.
Spillmanville likes reading about art.